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Target Sectors Overview

Nacogdoches is the ideal place to develop largely due to the diverse list of industries it has to offer. NEDCO has identified four major targeted sectors that Nacogdoches specializes in.

Natural Resources

Surrounded by lakes and reservoirs, Nacogdoches has access to plenty of water resources. Notable bodies of water close by include: Lake Nacogdoches (2,200 acres - 12 miles west of Nacogdoches), Lake Naconiche (1,000 acres – 12 miles northeast of Nacogdoches), and the Sam Rayburn Reservoir (113,410 acres – 30 miles southeast of Nacogdoches.)



Nacogdoches is the perfect host for manufacturing plants. The labor force is diverse, ranging from eager high-school graduates to skilled alumni from Stephen F. Austin State University. Several manufacturers have found success in “The Oldest Town in Texas.” Elliott Electric, Bright Coop, Southern Power and NIBCO, Inc are amongst the myriad of success stories.



Retail is prominent in Nacogdoches, thanks to the students of SFASU, and our vibrant downtown shops. In a 2015 study, research showed SFASU had a $335 million economic impact on the city of Nacogdoches. Our downtown brick streets offer the “vintage” feel that tourists flock to, and feature several unique shops.



A final major sector that Nacogdoches boasts is Wood. Nacogdoches is right in the center of the Forest Trail Region. Several types of trees including oak and hickory can be found in this area, but pine is the most prevalent. Nacogdoches is aptly named “The Garden Capital of Texas” due to the large variety of flora and fauna. Stephen F. Austin State University’s Forestry Program is #2 in Texas, right behind Texas A&M. The presence of so much timber in East Texas led to the creation of the Stephen F. Austin Experimental Forest, the only experimental forest in the nation assigned to a single educational institution.