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NEDCO Committees

Airport Advisory

Responsible for identifying ways to improve and increase usage of the A.L. Mangham Jr. Regional Airport.

CHAIR: Robert Flores


Responsible for working with local “Ag-related” businesses, helping them prosper, as well as identifying and recruiting companies that can benefit from Nacogdoches' strong agricultural economy.

CHAIR:  John Mast

Budget & Finance

Responsible for working closely with NEDCO officers and staff to ensure NEDCO creates a prudent and responsible budget for the coming year, as well as ensuring the organization’s cash reserves are prudently maintained. Responsible for working with other committees, as needed, on projects that may require local financing.

CHAIR:  Ron Collins

Business Attraction & Retention

Responsible for identifying industry sectors and, if possible, specific companies targeted for recruitment to Nacogdoches, expanding local jobs and tax base. Responsible for working with local businesses, to the extent possible and appropriate, helping them grow and prosper in Nacogdoches County.

CHAIR:  Bud Wright


Responsible for recommending appropriate changes to the NEDCO bylaws, as well as ensuring any and all changes to the bylaws are in accordance with both Texas and U.S. law.

CHAIR:  Ken Deppisch

County Liaison

Responsible for identifing economic development opportunities in Nacogdoches County.


Responsible for developing programs, helping assist local entrepreneurs through the process of launching a new business. Work closely with SBDC and SFASU.

CHAIR: Scott Bowyer


Responsible for identifying current and potential issues related to natural resources, as well as specific companies targeted for recruitment.

CHAIR: Glen Collier


Responsible for development programs and identifying issues that impact the local healthcare community.

CHAIR:  Jeff Patterson


Responsible for expanding the membership base of NEDCO by identifying prospective member companies and soliciting new members.

CHAIR: Gary LaFour


Responsible each year for vetting and nominating, for approval by the NEDCO Board, a slate of officers of the corporation.

CHAIR:  Bill Elliott

Real Estate

Responsible forboth attraction and retention; identify retail sectors and, if possible, specific retail establishments targeted for recruitment to Nacogdoches; work with local retail outlets, to the extent possible and appropriate, assisting them to grow and prosper in Nacogdoches County.

CHAIR:  Ed Pool

SFA Liaison

Responsible for nurturing close ties between SFASU and the local business community in an effort to foster economic growth in Nacogdoches County, while supporting the strategic goals of the University.

CHAIR: Jill Still


Responsible for developing a strategic vision and program to ensure we have the transportation infrastructure our community will require over the next 10-20 years. (NOTE: Joint Committee with Chamber of Commerce).

CHAIR:  Joe Max Green

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