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The Nacogdoches Economic Development Corporation (Nacogdoches EDC) contracts with the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) at Angelina College to assist entrepreneurs develop realistic and workable business plans, as well as to help secure SBA loans, which goes to help local entrepreneurs gain access to funding for start-up businesses.

Among its services are business plan development (free of charge) and SBA loan packaging.  

In addition, the SBDC offers a series of classes designed to give small business owners, as well as budding entrepreneurs, the basics of operating a business. Our goal is to increase the liklihood that your business will be successful and the track record of the Angelina College SBDC bears this out.

  • After one (1) year, 94% of small businesses that have gone through the Angelina College SBDC are still in business vs. an SBDC nationwide average of 50%.
  • After five (5) years, 47% of Angelina College SBDC clients are still in business vs. an SBDC nationwide average of only 20%.

If you are considering launching a new business venture, contact Mary Frances Bradford with Nacogdoches EDC via email at mbradford@nedco.org or telephone (936) 559-1255 and we'll help you get started in the right direction.

Franchise Opportunities

If you are interested in owning and operating a franchise, a good place to begin your research is the International Franchise Association website.

Business Accelerator Program

The Accelerator Program is for entrepreneurs/business owners who want to take their business to the next level.  NEDCO, SFASU, Angelina SBDC and The Chamber of Commerce provide this program to exisiting business owners of at least 6 months. During the program, business owners will learn about managing finances, attracting customers, customer service, and have the chance to ask successful business owners for advice. Below is the general curriculum for the 6 week program, but the class is subject to change based on students' needs.

Week 1 – Orientation, Idea Validation

  • Welcome and introductions – get to know the instructors as well as other participants
  • Review of business plan – where you are with meeting your goals
  • Market validation – where the market growth will come from
  • Customer segments – who is the ideal customer, who is your customer now
  • Develop goals – identify and set strategic goals needed to grow the business

Week 2 – Customer Base

  • How to get, keep and grow your customer base
  • Customer Acquisition - new product, new marketing, price vs quality, how delivered? 
  • Customer Relationships and Retention – what keeps you, what like/dislike?
  • Grow customers -  product upgrades, incentives for referrals
  • Distribution and Marketing – identify which products and customers promise to be most profitable and which markets have the greatest potential for growth
  • Social Media

Week 3 – Meaningful financials and raising capital

  • How to show real metrics and tie to meaningful financials
  • Where does my money go – analysis of existing expenditures and revenues
  • Identifying leakages
  • Identifying most promising revenue streams
  • Translating customer data to potential revenue
  • Costs and Operating best practices
  • Investor options
  • What must be in place to obtain additional financing through a bank

Week 4 – Building your team

  • When to make the first hire
  • When to make the first fire
  • When to hire a manager
  • Building a Culture

Week 5 – Graduation

  • Elevator Pitch – and contest (?)
  • Strategic Growth Plan
  • Graduation

Entrepreneurship Certification Program

The Entrepreneurship Certification Program is for people interested in or planning to open a business. NEDCO, SFASU, Angelina SBDC and The Chamber of Commerce combine efforts to help new entrepreneurs navigate the beginning stages of opening a business. During the program, students will learn how to write a business plan, perform an "elevator pitch," apply for loans, and ask questions to business owners who were once in their shoes. Upon completeion, students will received an "Entrepreneurship Certificate." Below is the general curriculum for the 6 week program, but the class is subject to change based on students' needs.

*Note: These programs are not eligible for college credit. 


 The Story – Entrepreneurs will tell their story how they started their business and the road to success.   

What is Entrepreneurship? How do I turn my idea into a business?

You will learn how to get your idea on paper; improve and refine your idea throughout the classes.  Don’t have an idea? Select something related.


Session I Overview and Questions:  Review completed business plan outline and narrative.

Several of the plans will be shared in class.  

Market Study: Learn how to research your business, industry, the market and your potential competitors.



Will you be a sole proprietor, have an LLC, own a franchise, or possibly an employee owned entity?


Financing – Loans – Grants – Incentives


Be ready to pitch your new business to a panel of business leaders to get feedback – fine tune your idea and plan. 


Employees/HR, Bookkeeping

Speed Interviews – network with NEDCO and SFASU leaders.


Additional Study: Guerrilla Marketing, Buzz Marketing

Wrap up - Ethics, Community Service, Making Time for You


Class Presentations – Up to 5 Selected

Reception –This is an opportunity to network with many local business and government leaders.

Presentation of Certificates