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About Nacogdoches

Welcome to Nacogdoches!

Nacogdoches (NAK-ə-DOH-chiss) is a town of 33,000 people with a median age of 30.6. Our name is long, but memorable. Known as "The Pineywoods," you might have heard our name once before in a Josh Abbott Band lyric, "Her eyes are green like the trees in Nacogdoches." Or perhaps you have heard of our Hometown Hero, Clint Dempsey, the Captain of the U.S. Soccer team during the 2014 World Cup.

Nacogdoches is characterized by it's beautiful brick streets in the Downtown district. In 2017, the beloved Fredonia Hotel & Convention Center reopened its doors to the public, showing off a complete overhaul of modern renovations. The Hotel is now a tourist destination, featuring a bar, a restaurant, and two pools. 

Outside of downtown, is an ever-expanding retail haven. Our 13,000 college students enjoy chain restaurants such as Chipotle and Panda Express, as well as local eateries like Maklemore's and Clear Springs. SFA students and their families keep the economy flowing, so several start-ups have found success in Nacogdoches.

There's plenty to do here on your downtime, with two lakes (Nacogdoches and Naconiche) and countless trails. If the Outdoors isn't your thing, just head over to the Nacogdoches Main Street or Convention & Visitors Bureau Facebook page to see whats going on this weekend. From the Wine Swirl event to The Texas Blueberry Festival, there is something always happening.

We might be partial, but we think Nacogdoches is the greatest place to live.

Nac Facts

1. Nacogdoches was dubbed the #1 Small City in Texas by Cities Journal

2. Nacogdoches is the first official town in Texas, earning the nickname of "The Oldest Town in Texas."

3. Hometown of U.S.A Soccer Team Captain Clint Dempsey

4. Nacogdoches was named one of the 100 Best Communities for Young People by Americas Promise Alliance

5. Nacogdoches is the largest producer of blueberries in Texas!

6. With a median age of 30.6, 25.1 % of residents have a College Degree (BA/BS)

7. Nacogdoches County is ranked 9th in Texas Agricultural Production

8. Nacogdoches' Butcher Boys has the No. 1 spot in Wide Open Eats’ “10 Best Burger Joints in Texas” list.

9. Stephen F. Austin State University is known for the Lumberjack Basketball, five-time Southland Conference Champions.