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Nacogdoches is right in the center of the Texas Forest Trail Region. Several types of trees including oak and hickory can be found in this area, but pine is the most prevalent. Nacogdoches is aptly named “The Garden Capital of Texas” due to the large variety of flora and fauna. Stephen F. Austin State University’s Forestry Program is #2 in Texas, right behind Texas A&M. The presence of so much timber in East Texas led to the creation of the Stephen F. Austin Experimental Forest, the only experimental forest in the nation assigned to a single educational institution.

The SFA Experimental Forest is primarily used for wildlife research. It was designated by an act of Congress in 1945 as an experimental forest, and is the only one of its kind in Texas. To learn more, click here.

Lumber makes up for a large part of the economy in Nacogdoches County, resulting in excess of $20 million a year of revenue. Forest & Wood Products have a 3.27 quotient, the highest of the industry clusters in Nacogdoches County.