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Water Port

The Port of Houston is located 140 miles from the city of Nacogdoches, connected by US-59 highway and Union Pacific railroad.


Rail Service

Union Pacific rail service runs through Nacogdoches and serves several large industries. Nacogdoches is on the line between Houston and Shreveport.

Click on the following link for Union Pacific System Map

Workforce Training


Skills Development Fund. Partner with a Training Provider.

Self-Sufficiency Fund Program. Partner with a Training Provider.

On-The-Job and Customized Training

Money Saving Tools for Employers

County Tax Abatement

General Criteria
All applications must meet the following general criteria before being considered for tax abatement:
  1. The project expands the local tax base.
  2. The project creates permanent fulltime employment opportunities.
  3. The project would not otherwise be developed.
  4. The project makes a contribution to enhancing further economic development.
  5. The project must remain in good standing with all governmental and environmental regulations.