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Summary of Taxes

  • Personal Income Tax: an individual's total earnings from wages, investment interest, and other sources.
  • Corporate Income Tax: refers to a tax imposed on entities that are taxed at the entity level in a particular jurisdiction.
  • Corporate Franchise Tax: also called the “Margins Tax”; tax rate is 1% of margin for most taxable entities, and 0.5% for entities primarily engaged in retail and wholesale trades; Texas Comptroller has published detailed information on the revision in Revised Franchise Tax Overview as well as a Franchise Tax Calculator worksheet.
  • Sales & Use Tax: State 6.25%; tangible personal property and certain services; City 1%; Special Purpose District 1% (hospital); Combined Sales & Use Tax – 8.25%
  • Property Tax: 2016 City ($0.5928)  County ($0.6065)  For Taxation Summary List, see Nacogdoches Center Appraisal District. 
  • Inventory Tax: Questions concerning Inventory and Property Tax should be directed to the Nacogdoches Central Appraisal District, (936) 560-3447
  • Freeport Exemption. Freeport property qualifies for an exemption from ad valorem taxation only if it has been detained in the state for 175 days or less for the purpose of assembly, storage, manufacturing, processing or fabricating. The City of Nacogdoches offers a freeport exemption, but the County does not. For more information, contact the Nacogdoches Central Appraisal District
  • State Motor Fuels Tax: Gas ($0.20), Diesel ($0.20), Gasohol ($0.20)
  • Unemployment Compensation Tax: In 2011, the minimum UI tax rate of 0.78% is paid by nearly 213,000 employers (or nearly 63% of all experience-rated employers). An employer paying the standard minimum tax will pay $70.20 in tax per employee in CY 2011. The maximum UI rate of 8.25% is paid by only 2.2% of Texas experience-rated employers. The average UI tax rate for 2011 is 1.96%.  FAQ regarding Unemployment Taxes
  • Workers Compensation Insurance.
  • Hotel Occupancy Tax: 13% on charge for sleeping accommodations (6% state and 7% city) 
  • The Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts collects more than 60 separate taxes, fees and assessments, including local sales taxes collected on behalf of more than 1,400 cities, counties and other local governments around the state.
  • Index of Frequently Asked Questions about Texas Taxes.

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