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Commuting Patterns

Where Employees Live (2011) — Nacogdoches City
Residence Location Percent
Total  100%
Nacogdoches City, TX 26.5%
Lufkin City, TX 3.7%
Houston City, TX 1.6%
Dallas City, TX 1.3%
Longview City, TX 0.7%
Fort Worth City, TX 0.7%
Garrison City, TX 0.6%
Hudson City, TX 0.5%
Cushing City, TX 0.5%
Appleby City, TX 0.4%
All Other Locations 63.5%
Total In-Commuting Non-Residents 73.5%
SOURCE: Decision Data Resources


Where Residents Work (2011) — Nacogdoches City
Employment Location Percent
Total  100%
Nacogdoches City, TX 53.5%
Lufkin City, TX 9.3%
Houston City, TX 3.4%
Center City, TX 1.6%
Tyler City, TX 1.5%
Longview City, TX 1.1%
Beaumont City, TX 0.8%
Rusk City, TX 0.8%
Jasper City, TX 0.7%
Garrison City, TX 0.6%
All Other Locations 26.8%
Total Out-Commuting Residents 46.5%
SOURCE: Decision Data Resources


Commutation (2013) — Nacogdoches County
Drive Time Category Percent
Workforce with under 15-minute commute, or who work at home 49.0%
Workforce with 15-to-29-minute commute 29.7%
Workforce with 30-59-minute commute 17.3%
Workforce with 60-minute or more commute 4.0%
SOURCE: U.S. Census Bureau 2009-2013, 5-Year American Community Survey