Transportation & Access

Air Service

A.L. Mangham Jr. Regional Airport in Nacogdoches

        - City owned
        - 5,001 ft. hard surface, lighted runway
        - Instrument Landing System (ILS)
        - Jet fuel available
Houston - George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH) is 120 miles from Nacogdoches on U.S.-59.
Dallas-Fort Worth - DFW Airport is located 200 miles from Nacogdoches.
Longview - East Texas Regional Airport  is located 57 miles from Nacogdoches.
Shreveport Regional Airport is located 95 miles from Nacogdoches.

Rail Service

Union Pacific rail service runs through Nacogdoches and serves several large industries. Nacogdoches is on the line between Houston and Shreveport.

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Road Network


  • Texas highways TX-7 & TX-21 both intersect in Nacogdoches.
  • Loop 224 is a dual lane, divided highway loop that bypasses the downtown business district.
  • Served by eight major freight carriers.
  • Served by four major express delivery carriers.
 Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) Statewide Planning Map
 Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) I-69 Driven by Texans


Driving Distances and Times to Selected Locations
 Destination * Distance (miles) Time
 Dallas/Fort Worth, TX 219 3 hr., 37 min.
 Shreveport, LA 105 1 hr., 55 min. 
 Houston, TX 141  2 hr., 32 min.
 Baton Rouge, LA 311 5 hr., 4 min. 
 San Antonio, TX 316 5 hr., 29 min.
 Austin, TX 233 4 hr., 11 min.
 Little Rock, AR 301 4 hr., 56 min.
 Jackson, MS 322 5 hr., 11 min.
 Oklahoma City, OK 388 6 hr., 23 min.
 SOURCE: MapQuest (* From Nacogdoches, TX), Wadley-Donovan GrowthTech, LLC


Water Port

The Port of Houston is located 140 miles from the city of Nacogdoches, connected by US-59 highway and Union Pacific railroad.